The Cambridge RISE pilot data is in!

The Cambridge RISE pilot data is in!

We’re so excited to share that the Cambridge RISE Guaranteed Income Pilot has just released data from the accompanying research study! This pilot, funded by philanthropic contributions and Mayors for Guaranteed Income (MGI), provided $500 monthly payments to 130 randomly selected eligible families living below 80% Area Median Income for 18 months. This pilot was a collaboration between former Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, the Cambridge Community Foundation, and several other nonprofit partners.

We were excited, but not surprised, to see very positive outcomes come out of this program. The recently released research report revealed that guaranteed income fosters stability and financial empowerment within its recipients. Participants experienced higher employment rates, improved financial resilience, and greater housing, utility, and food security compared to similar residents who did not receive direct cash assistance. They reported significant improvements in financial health, higher rates of employment, increased time for parenting, and enhanced educational outcomes for children.

Our Executive Director, Tina Alu, said “This research validates what we have learned from the participants that we see every day at CEOC: guaranteed income has an incredibly positive impact on their financial wellbeing and quality of life. These kinds of programs need to continue.”

Building on the success of the Cambridge RISE pilot, the City of Cambridge launched Rise Up Cambridge, a scaled up guaranteed income program that is currently underway, providing nearly 2,000 families with $500 per month for 18 months. This initiative, funded partly by the American Rescue Plan Act, was the first non-lottery guaranteed income program in the country, where all eligible Cambridge residents who applied could participate in the program. Rise Up Cambridge builds on Cambridge RISE’s success and aims to further support families in need while facilitating ongoing qualitative research to understand and address economic disparities.

We celebrate the achievements of the Cambridge RISE Guaranteed Income Pilot and looks forward to continuing collaborations aimed at fostering resilience and prosperity within our community.

To read the full research report, click here: