Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

Having safe and affordable housing is one of the most important things in a person’s or family’s life. 

If you are a Cambridge resident and live in a CHA property or have a CHA Section 8 and are facing job loss or a reduction in hours due to Covid 19 – you may be eligible for an interim rent-recalculation.  Follow this link to CHA website and follow directions at the top of the screen.


This service is available to Cambridge residents only.


11 Inman Street, Cambridge MA 02139


Natalie Ribeiro at nribeiro@ceoccambridge.org


CEOC can help you with many housing services, including:

    • Reasonable Accommodation Requests
    • Applications for all affordable subsidized housing
    • Cambridge Housing Authority Grievance & Conference Panels
    • Eviction prevention
    • Homeless shelter referral
    • Resolving issues with another tenant
    • Resolving issues with property manager or landlord
    • Hoarding or housekeeping issues
    • Legal services referral
    • Rent arrearages
    • Rent Re-certification
    • Sanitary Code Violations reporting
    • Section 8 applications
    • Tenant’s Rights Education and Advocacy
    • Transfer requests
    • Utility assistance
    • Housing search
    • Mediation assistance
    • Court attendance

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