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Cambridge is a city of great prosperity, but also heartbreaking poverty. As an independent nonprofit, CEOC has counted on the community to help us fight local hunger and poverty since 1965.


At CEOC’s food pantry, Cambridge families receive around 22 items in their usual pantry pick-up—costing us only $5.90 to supply. At a local market, those same two or three bags of groceries would cost too much for many of them to afford, as shown in the chart below.


A donation of just $59 provides a neighbor with more than 20 bags of food, enough to provide a family of four with pantry essentials for a month—saving them money they desperately need for heat, prescription medicine, and public transportation to get to work every day.


We’re proud of our inclusivity and diversity in Cambridge, but we lose the heart and soul of our city if we can’t keep Cambridge sustainable for all residents. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 —and with your support, we’ll use those funds for another 7,000+ bags of groceries for families in need. Thank you for your generosity and all you do for our community.

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