CEOC Receives Grant from United Way of Massachusetts Bay to Expand Financial Education Services

We are thrilled to announce that CEOC has been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay’s groundbreaking philanthropic initiative. United Way’s innovative approach sets United Way apart from other philanthropic organizations, providing funds for cutting edge programs at grassroots community-based organizations. Through this transformative initiative, we will receive vital support to expand our financial education and empowerment services, benefitting our community in significant ways.

United Way of Massachusetts Bay is dedicating more than $56 million to 124 local organizations in 12 cities through 2030. This grant will play a pivotal role in CEOC’s efforts to bolster financial education and empowerment in our community.

Empowering Communities through Financial Education Parties

Over the next two years, CEOC will embark on a groundbreaking financial capabilities project, inspired by the “HIV Safety Net Party” model previously employed as part of our reproductive health education program. This model was remarkably successful, training women from the community to conduct HIV prevention workshops in the homes and community spaces of their friends and family. The trusted leadership of these women allowed us to address a taboo topic and provide crucial intervention for many individuals.

Building upon this success, CEOC will adapt the model to offer a unique financial education service delivery system in Cambridge. We will train eight individuals who speak Spanish, Haitian Creole, Amharic, and Bangla to act as facilitators, providing peer-led education sessions in their respective communities. These facilitators will undergo training conducted by CEOC staff, based on the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s “Your Money, Your Goals” toolkit.

Once trained, these facilitators will be paired with a CEOC Financial Coach to conduct financial education “parties” in the community. Their journey begins with outreach to recruit hosts who are willing to open their homes or housing buildings for these gatherings. Subsequently, they will collaborate with the hosts to engage participants. To ensure the success of this initiative, facilitators and hosts will be compensated for their time attending training, conducting outreach, providing refreshments at the parties, and facilitating the workshops.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the United Way of Massachusetts Bay for their unwavering support, which enables CEOC to expand our financial education services and empower even more individuals in the Cambridge community. Together, we are taking meaningful steps toward a more financially resilient and empowered future. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exciting journey.