People still blink and shake their heads when we say poverty and Cambridge in the same sentence, yet it exists here for some individuals at a rate higher than the state.

And now more than ever, CEOC’s mission to eliminate poverty’s causes and impacts by empowering low-income individuals and families to achieve economic stability and security, is critical to insure that for those whose incomes are well below the median income and that it makes it very difficult to remain in Cambridge. But it is because of the advantages that a wealthy city offers that is critical for those living on the economic edge to continue to live here and be able to take advantage the programs, services and public schools that are available.

CEOC takes an active role in public policy advocacy around the issues that support developing and maintaining affordable housing, access to affordable health care, hunger relief and economic security for all.

CEOC works diligently to not let the policy makers forget that in the midst of plenty and success, there are still individuals and families who are struggling to pay the rent and purchase their medications, while balancing heat to keep their homes warm and provide nutritious food for their children.

CEOC is beginning its fifty-second year of fighting economic inequality in Cambridge. CEOC joins with its participants to insure that their voices are heard in the development and implementation of public policies that impact them.