CEOC 2016 Performance Outcomes & Impacts

CEOC is pleased to share its performance outcomes for the 2016 fiscal year to carry out our mission to challenge poverty’s causes and impacts by assisting poor and low-income individuals and families to achieve economic security and stability. Given that poverty is caused by many sources coming at once, CEOC provides its services in a comprehensive bundled one-stop shopping delivery approach so that people can come to one place and have many needs met, without having to travel to multiple agencies taking time from work, with limited money for public transportation.

CEOC staff can: file your taxes for free and complete you or your child’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); provide enrollment advocacy and follow-up for SNAP and give you food from the food pantry until you receive your EBT card; as a Massachusetts Certified Navigator agency not only enroll you for health care, but help you select the health insurance that medically and financially meets your needs; offer you financial education and coaching to help you manage paying your rent and balance your other expenses; and know your rights as a tenant. Because we engage with the whole person we can advocate for public policies that positively impact the whole person.

CEOC provided free tax preparation to 3,096 low-income tax filers to maximize their earned income, child tax credits and state and federal refunds and save them from for-profit preparer fees to file their taxes. These tax filings generated $1,840,166 in federal and state EITC, with a total of federal and state refunds of $5,086,353. Each tax filer saved on average $200 each by not utilizing for-profit tax preparer services, saving an additional $617,000 in fees.

CEOC provided twenty financial education workshops and individual financial coaching to 355 participants to assist them to establish their goals for budgeting, debt resolution, credit card management, bank services and identity theft prevention.

CEOC provided FAFSA application enrollment and advocacy to 148 low-income individuals and twenty workshops to insure that these households have access to financial aid and savings to insure that they can afford to attend college. CEOC also provided education on how to read and evaluate financial award letters to avoid incurring large college debt, thus enabling these students to be able to financially stay in school until they graduate.

CEOC provided SNAP outreach, education and enrollment advocacy to 203 individuals to increase their access to nutritious food.

CEOC as a Certified Massachusetts Health Connector Navigator agency provided health insurance outreach and education to 6,074 individuals. CEOC also assisted 268 individuals to enroll in health care for the first time and assisted another 376 already enrolled individuals to re-enroll in a health plan. As part of this enrollment advocacy, CEOC staff assisted individuals to select a health care plan that met their health and financial needs.

CEOC mobilized 243 tenants to advocate at Cambridge City Council to continue to approve the Community Preservation Act formula of 80% for affordable housing, 10% for open space and 10% for historic preservation. Eighty percent is the highest percentage that can be approved for affordable housing.

CEOC provided 123 tenants with: individual advocacy to prevent eviction; rent arrearages assistance; subsidized housing application advocacy; shelter placement for homeless people; rent re-certification assistance; grievance panel hearings and appeals advocacy.

CEOC provided support and advocacy to 154 tenants in their tenant associations to insure that they played an active role in maintaining and preserving their housing and work cooperatively, and raising issues of quality to their housing managers.

The CEOC Food Pantry provided 2,100 households with nutritious food. The CEOC Food Pantry distributed over 330,000 pounds of food to its pantry patrons. CEOC also coordinates the ten-member Cambridge Food Pantry Network distributing nutritious food citywide.

CEOC provided the Know Your Body (KYB) ten-week sexuality education program to 675 children in Cambridge public schools and parochial fifth grades.

CEOC actively engaged in public policy advocacy around issues that impact poor and low-income individuals and families: the preservation and maintenance of affordable housing, access to public benefits by reducing system barriers; income inequality; hunger relief and access to health care.