For Youth & Adolescents:

Making Empowered Decision$: A holistic approach focused on sexuality and financial education that is derived from the documented link between poverty and high pregnancy rates. This 6-10 week program works with youth to set life goals and provide them with the knowledge and skills to take control of both their sexual and financial decisions. Topics covered can include: Anatomy and Physiology; Pregnancy and Pregnancy Options; Budgeting; Opening a Bank Account; Relationships; etc.

Getting Smart about Money: 4 – 6 sessions, geared to the particular age group, utilizing a fun and interactive format for children ages 4 to 18. The information is designed to help young people learn how to develop smart money habits.


For Adults:

Talking to Your Child About Money: One or more sessions on becoming more skilled in talking about money. This can include: the values that you want your children to learn; using their resources wisely; developing a family money guideline to teach children how to save, share and spend their money; the value of allowances; when should you let your child get a cell phone and what kind; and how not to be your child’s personal ATM.

Financially Preparing for College: Workshop will focus on savings options and strategies; how much to save and when to start; education costs; free financial aid, such as grants and scholarships; student loans and matched savings accounts. Assistance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) will also be offered.

Financing Your Future: 4-6 financial education sessions aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills to effectively be in charge of your financial future. Topics covered can include: banking information; credit and credit score; budgeting; checking and savings accounts; etc. Topics will vary based on the needs of the group and can extend into individual financial coaching if needed.

The following content areas can be covered in any of the above programs or incorporated into a program tailored to meet the needs of your group:


  • Savings                                                                        
  • Credit Scores/Reports
  • Budgeting                                                                        
  • Credit Repair
  • Goal setting                                                                        
  • Loans
  • Values regarding money                                                
  • Financial Aid
  • Spending                                                                        
  • Identity Theft
  • Reducing Debt                                                            
  • Financial Scams
  • Credit Cards                                                                        
  • Insurance Choices
  • Taxes
  • Banking