CLASS 1            Introduction

 • Students will become familiar with the curriculum and goals of the course.

• Students will identify rules, which will help create a class environment where people feel comfortable talking and listening during discussions about sexual topics. 


CLASS 2              Male and Female Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

• Students will acquire basic information about the male and female reproductive systems.

• Students will learn correct names for reproductive anatomical parts.


CLASS 3 &4          Puberty

• Students will be able to identify and understand the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

• Students will explore their feelings about going through puberty. 

• Students watch a video on puberty, here is a clip of the video they watch:



• Students will explore their feelings about going through puberty.

CLASS 5               Pregnancy

• Students will learn accurate information about pregnancy and childbirth.

• Students watch a video clip in class (from minute 2:00-5:44):
• Students will explore what it means to be a parent and how one decides on the readiness to  

 become a parent.


CLASS 6            Communication Skills

• Students will recognize both the obstacles and catalysts to effective communication.

· Students will develop strategies for increasing their skills in the areas of listening and communicating.


CLASS 7             Friendship & Peer Pressure

Students will examine the qualities they look for in a friend

· Students will learn the definition of peer pressure and how it can both positively and negatively affect their decisions

· Students will practice refusal skills and not giving in to negative peer pressure 


CLASS 8             Self Esteem

· Students will increase their awareness of what self-esteem is and what it is affected by  

· Students will identify traits that make them special and unique


CLASS 9            Personal Safety and Abuse Prevention

• Students will be able to define and discuss what abuse is within a safe, supportive environment.

• Students will become knowledgeable about the resources that can be utilized if they believe that they or someone they know has been, or is at risk of, being abused.

• Students will develop strategies for minimizing their risk of being abused.


CLASS 10            HIV/ AIDS

• Students will become more familiar with HIV/AIDS information including transmission and prevention, with a focus on dispelling myths and misinformation.

• Students will have an opportunity to explore feelings and attitudes toward HIV/AIDS and individuals with HIV/AIDS.