The homework is meant to foster communication and discussion between parents/guardians and the students. 

Class #1 Homework

Ask your parent/guardian:

1.     Why they wanted you to participate in this course?

2.     What topics they feel are important for us to talk about? Why?

3.     Did they have a class like this when they were in school? In what grade? What was it like?


Class #2 Homework

With your parent/guardian:

Complete the matching portion of the Anatomy Worksheet


Class #3 Homework

With your parent/guardian:

Complete the Puberty Worksheet


Class #4 Homework

Talk with your parent or guardian about their experiences during puberty…

1.   Do they remember when they first showed signs of puberty?

2. How old were they when they had their first period or wet dream?

3. What did they think was the best part of going through puberty? What do they think was the worst?


Class #5 Homework

Discuss the following with your parent/guardian:

1. What’s the most important quality a parent/guardian should have?

2. What does your parent/guardian wish their parent/guardian had done differently?

3. What is your favorite family memory (family, as discussed in class, can include many   different people)


Class #6 Homework

With your parent/guardian:

Complete the Talking With Your Parents/Guardians Worksheet



Class #7 Homework

Share your most important friendship qualities with your parent/ guardian and see if they pick the same ones



Class #8 Homework

It’s All In A Name – Have your parent/guardian write their first name vertically on a piece of paper and next to each letter, they write a compliment about themselves that starts with that letter (if not done in class already, you do the same). Share your Names with each other.


Class #9 Homework

Coming up with a “safety plan” is an important way to protect yourself. Discuss the following scenarios with your parent/guardian:

1. What If... something was bothering you and you did not know what to do about it? Who might be able to help you?

2. What If... someone touched you in a way you did not like and offered you something you really wanted (Xbox, Ipod, cell phone, etc) to keep a secret?

3. What If... you got a "bad feeling" or felt "yucky" when a grown-up gave you a hug or a big squeeze?

You can make up many more "What Ifs" from your child's own everyday experiences, using familiar names and places.


Class #10 Homework

No homework will be given since it is the last day of KYB, however, you can complete a survey about the KYB curriculum and homework assignments on our website The information will be used to help evaluate and make KYB even better. Thank you!